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Portugal Beauty of Simplicity                       The rebirth of Traditional Portuguese Pottery


CANTE Alentejano UNESCO Intangible        Ep. #1: Centro de Portugal
Cultural Heritage of Humanity                      The McNamara Surf Trip
Performed at TEDxOporto 2014


Azores                                                       Sabores de Santa Clara
                                                                 Egg Sweets from Portalegre                                   Grammy "Lifetime Achievement Award" to
World Heritage Portugal - Nat. Geographic     Carlos do Carmo's Fado by Portuguese 
                                                                  Singers - Radio Comercial


Algarve Praia from Luke Saddler on Vimeo.Travel Channel:Bizarre Foods com Andrew


Baleal & Berlenga Island Magic Family              Dark Sky Reserva do Alqueva - Time Lapse


1st stop on the Portugal Wine's Expedition
JM Fonseca