Sales policy

Sales Policy

Prices and taxes
All prices of products on sale include VAT at the going rate in Portugal. Delivery charges will be added by weight. orders from countries outside the European Union may incur additional customs duties at their ports of entry. Such duties may vary from country to country, are not included our prices and nor are they our responsibility. It is advisable to ascertain such duties prior to placing a final order.
The description, picture and any other information of a product presented in the Deli Portugal online store may be changed without notice. The images that illustrate each product may differ from the shipped product.
All prices shown on online store Deli Portugal may be changed without prior notice and are subject to availability.
Under current Portuguese law, the Deli Portugal is obliged to add VAT to the amount of legal taxes for all products. Prices shown include VAT. The amount of VAT can be deducted for public or private companies with legal registration in a European Union country.
Placing an order
Our site contains simple yet detailed instructions as to how to proceed to place orders into the shopping trolley for single or multiple products, as well as to finalize an order.
All alcoholic beverages available for sale in the online store Deli Portugal may only be acquired by persons who have the legal age to do so, in their country of residence. 
All orders destined inside the Portuguese Continental Territory are sent by surface delivery. All other orders will be dispatched by the Portuguese Post Office (CTT), which tracking system is made available to our clients in order to track the status of their dispatched orders.These are the links to fill in the tracking number and follow it
Or for International tracking - insert the country and track number above

Payment and Shipping
Expenses of shipment are calculated when all the products are in the basket of the purchase, when applicable, expenses of shipment are calculated according to the weight of products within a given order. Please check all delivery charges prior to finalizing an order and authorizing payment.
Forms of payment
By PayPal, with a valid credit card or by bank transfer with data being available on the checkout cart.
Payments by bank transfer will normally take 3 working days the order can only be valid after the money has been received by us, 
You can send us an email asking to pay by bank transfer and we will send you our NIB account:
Delivery Times
All orders destined inside the Portuguese Continental Territory will be delivered in 24 to 36 hours after dispatch.
All standard orders destined for the Portuguese Isles and to the E.U will be delivered in 1 week after dispatch.
Orders for the rest of the world will be delivered in 2 weeks after dispatch.
To guarantee the quality of the products, their origin and for sustainable and responsible reasons and mindset, Deli Portugal does not stock products, we order them at the time they are requested, so orders may take 1 to 2 days delay after payment has been made.
It is mandatory that costumers pay attention to delivery times to their destination and products expiration date ordered.

Transport  Cost
For national, international orders and to portuguese islands, the shipping cost is based on weight  and the goods are shipped via mail service.
The amount to be collected is according to the place of delivery, in Portugal mainland, Islands or other international destination and the weight of the goods in question.

Order Delivery Times
By placing an order the customer must take into account the order period delivery. 
Delivery Guarantee
Deli Portugal dispatches all orders by registered mail in order to ensure their correct and timely delivery at their destinies.
Returns & Refunds
Defective articles must be returned up to 5 days of their delivery, in their original packaging and in good condition, whereupon the Client will be refunded the full purchase and delivery charges.
Deli Portugal is not responsible for orders and subsequent shipments to countries where alcoholic beverages are not allowed. Under these circumstances Deli Portugal will only reimburse the paid amount of the merchandise, these products must be returned up to 5 days of their delivery, in their original packaging and in good condition.
We cannot be held responsible for any inappropriate behavior regarding the proper handling of each package by the state postal services of other countries. Portugal is not responsible for lost or damaged products, late deliveries or orders lost, damage or vandalized by third parties.
By placing an order, you are agreeing to the conditions and terms of Deli Portugal website.

Quality Guarantee
In Portugal the use of DOC and DOP (protected and controlled designation of origin) are a guarantee that the products are the highest quality. Similar to AOC “Appellation d’Origine Côntrolée” in France, which means controlled label of origin. This guarantees that the products are from a fixed geographical area, along with its production and maturity. It also follows a traditional method of production as well as establishment methods of storing. Representatives from the label inspect the products and its production in order to ensure that it follows these guidelines guaranteeing the same quality on every product for safety and customer satisfaction.​

Out of stock
Amounts charged relating to articles ordered but that were not dispatched owing to being out of stock will be refunded in full.
Privacy Policy
Deli Portugal commits neither to use its Client database for any other purpose than that of processing order not to cede it by whatever means to any 3rd party for whatever reason. All our Clients may, at any moment, and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, exercise their right to alter, update or delete their information from our Client database.
The importance of our products arrives in excellent condition in a timely manner to our costumer is our utmost concern, ensuring quick delivery for the indicated place, with maximum safety to our clients.