About us


​We specialize in providing true gastronomic experiences through authentic, certified and award-winning products renowned for being the best from each region they come from.
Excellent products exclusively Portuguese with high quality standards, certified, controlled, awarded, organic, traditional, handcrafted but above all remarkable for its distinct flavour and aroma that gained consensus and notoriety praised in appreciation of the Portuguese over time and from those who visit Portugal and experience its taste.


Best moments have unique and genuine flavours

In Portugal, these moments still have a whole story to tell, which rises in a gastronomic legacy and merges in the Portuguese heritage.

Therefore, we can say that we are also promoters of “gastronomic tourism”, in the sense that all our products can be a complementary process to sights or places to visit or wishing to know better.
Food offer is one of the growing important decisions in a country destination choice, the expectation of a good taste experience and its achievement is in most cases what distinguish, customize and leads to a good travel experience destination.
And this is our mission to ensure you the top-quality Portuguese products, the most delicious and authentic flavours of the several Portuguese regions they have been produced in. We work to make you the best possible experience, in just a few clicks.
The Portuguese gastronomic offer is so vast and diverse that it would be impossible for a visitor coming here for just a few days to get to know it in the detail that it deserves, let alone find where the best options can be purchased. This is why Deli Portugal not only stocks the best but provides its clients with the history of each and every product on offer, taking a piece of history and food culture of Portugal, a little further, to everyone who visits us - from cheeses, regional sweets, pastries and cakes, salt, sausages and canned fish to wines and liqueurs - thus adding the safety and pleasure of an informed choice to the convenience of shopping with us.
Your only job is to choose your option in the menus of Deli Portugal, enjoy the time you get back at the end of the day and enjoy every minute of your choice.

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