Choosing a wine

Regarding the portuguese wines and since the number of regions, varieties and options are so vast, we have innovated in a method on that the selection first made by the Client is according to the type of wine (Verde, White, Red, Rosé, Sparkling, Madeira, Moscatel and Port), price and tasting notes or critic scores, with the final choice of brand being made by Deli Portugal. This choice is based on a comprehensive, national and international award-winning lists of portuguese wines classifications (Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Internationales Vinalies, 50 best Portuguese Wines in the UK and USA, Wine Masters Challenge, International Wine Awards, Decanter World Wine Awards, Best of Each Year, amongst others) a wine list that takes into account enologists and/or wine critics, tasting notes from 15 points and above (15-20) as well as other recognized standings.
With this diversified offer we intend to encouraging experience of different wine tasting from various regions of Portugal in a surprising and delightful way to appreciate new flavours to the nose and palate. Enriched in a compromise between tradition and innovation, native varieties, blended wines and oenology expertise, so successful in Portuguese wines.
Tasting Notes Details:
15-15,5/20 or 86-89/100 pts: Well-rounded and pleasant to the palate as well as affordable
16-17,5/20 or 90-94/100 pts: Very good, well-balanced wines, with a marked character
18-18,5/20 or 95-96/100 pts: Excellent, refined and characterful wines that impress and delight the senses.
19-20 or 97-100 pts: World class wines of undisputed top quality and sophistication.
This criteria appliess to all wines that may come from any region of Portugal depending on the stock producer. Any region or brand could be the selected one within the respective commercial value, type of wine and tasting notes given.
Portugal has 29 Controlled Denomination of Origin (D.O.C) and 14 Geographic Indication (I.G.) wine producing regions that are indicated in the map below.
Beyond those DOC and IG classifications there are five other denominations, according to EU rules:
VQPRD Quality Wine Produced in a Determined Region, encompassing both DOC and IPR wines
VLQPRD Quality Fortified Wine Produced in a Determined Region
VEQPRD Quality Sparkling Wine Produced in a Determined Region
VFQPRD Quality Carbonated Wine Produced in a Determined Region
Regional Wines - Possess a given geographic provenance and sometimes are produced within DOC regions,  but are not classified as such for not entirely meeting the necessary production criteria. A regional wine may take up to 15% of its content from wines produced outside its region of origin, use grape castes and/or types of bottles not authorized for DOC wines or shorten the ageing process.

The sale of alcoholic beverages to people under 21 years of age is forbidden. Driving under the influence of alcohol is an offence liable to fines and sanctions. Always drink moderately and responsibly.