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 Serpa PDO +-250g images

  • Serpa PDO +-250g images
  • Serpa PDO +-250g images
  • Serpa PDO +-250g images
  • Serpa PDO +-250g images
  • Serpa PDO +-250g images
  • Serpa PDO +-250g images
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Serpa PDO +-250g

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One of the most famous Portuguese cheeses, Serpa Cheese is characterized by a strong aroma and its spicy flavour. 

Made with raw sheep’s milk, similar to Azeitão Cheese and Serra da Estrela Cheese using cardoon thistle, as a coagulant element, harvested in Portuguese summer, between June and August, is than dried and stored to last as long as the production of cheese.
Its handmade process is not much different from the others however its balance is on the sheep breed and in the good nature and quality pastures dotted with olive trees while, some say, the secret is in spices and herbs used in its confection, a basic element so revered in Alentejo cuisine.
A Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) cheese and a totally vegetarian one.  
There is an “Old Serpa” variant is produced only at the end of the sheep lactation period and its rind is smeared with olive oil and paprika during the maturation period, which gives it a harder and more brittle texture than the regular Serpa Cheese. 
In the summer should be kept in the vegetables or cheese drawer of the fridge; in the winter can be aired in a closet, wrapped in a damp cloth. 
Serpa is a delicious inevitable temptation.

DOP Soft Serpa cheese more or less 250g

Serpa the third largest municipality in Alentejo, has a rich architectural, natural and gastronomic heritage and gave birth to one of the most famous Portuguese sheep's cheese, in the vast areas of cork oaks and olive trees of Alentejo (montes alentejanos).
Serpa cheeses are produced in traditional Alentejo homesteads also called  “linen cupboard cheeses”, owing to the fact that they would be produced in a division of the house called “the linen cupboard”, where the milk churns would be brought for the production of cheese and where their milk would be strained through woolen white cloths folded 40 times over for that purpose. 
The Serpa cheese is produced in Mértola, Beja, Castro Verde, Almodôvar, Cuba, Ourique, Moura, Vidigueira, Aljustrel, Ferreira do Alentejo and Alvito municipalities.


Grill BBQ vegan

Grill BBQ vegan


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Category: Creamy

Weight: 0.5 kg.

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