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 Castelo Branco PDO +-800g images

  • Castelo Branco PDO +-800g images
  • Castelo Branco PDO +-800g images
  • Castelo Branco PDO +-800g images
  • Castelo Branco PDO +-800g images
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Castelo Branco PDO +-800g

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Certified cheeses with PDO designation that have been awarded several times for their unique characteristics.
The tradition has continued in the Beira Baixa Cheese recipe preserved since its origin.

Beira Baixa DOP cheeses include the Beira Baixa Cheese, Amarelo Cheese and Picante (chilly) Cheese.
The production of milk and the traditional form of producing and aging, provide these cheeses the highest quality in flavour and texture. 

Castelo Branco DOP cheese is ripened for a minimum of 40 days, made from raw sheep's milk, and salt, is coagulated using a vegetable-based rennet made from the stamens of the cardoon thistle flowers, reflected in its gentle vegetal notes. Is a semi-soft cheese produced in the micro climate of the region between Gardunha and Serra da Estrela.
Distinguished with the 2012 Great Taste Award gold medal and 2011 and 2012 silver and gold medal award in National Traditional Cheese Awards.
Castelo Branco PDO Cheese, more or less 800g 

Herding in the Beira Baixa region is an age-old occupation and began when herds from the Serra da Estrela moved to this area in search of the sustenance that becomes impossible to obtain in the mountains during winter. Such migrations begin in November with the more cold-sensitive flocks "alavão", to warmer and fertile pastures of Idanha and Cova da Beira, in the region of Castelo Branco, where they remain until April.
Thus, cheesemaking became a natural way to take advantage of the abundance of lactant cattle in the region, and the specificity of its pastures give their milk a distinctive flavour that is reflected in the cheeses produced there, particularly the Castelo Branco cheese, Amarelo cheese (Yellow) and Picante (chilly) cheese, all PDO certificated and controlled.
Although the origins of Beira Baixa cheeses can be traced to Serra da Estrela, other human and natural factors of the zone conditioned the great quality and unique characteristics of these cheeses. They have also evolved and improved continuously in both innovation and new market requirements, bearing in mind the consumer tastes. 

Recreation of an ancient pastoral tradition of Beira Baixa: the great Transhumance Route
Merino breed sheep of Beira Baixa, crossing the city of Castelo Branco

Episcopal Palace Garden, Castelo Branco


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Weight: 1.30 kg.

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