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 Azeitão PDO +-250g images

  • Azeitão PDO +-250g images
  • Azeitão PDO +-250g images
  • Azeitão PDO +-250g images
  • Azeitão PDO +-250g images
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Azeitão PDO +-250g

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Named after the village of Azeitão, on the foothills of the Arrábida mountain range, where it was born, Azeitão PDO cheese is produced in the municipalities of Palmela, Sesimbra and Setúbal. 
Azeitão cheeses are cylindrical in shape, weigh 250g on average and are molded with fine hessian white cloth that gives them a rustic appearance and good attraction.
Azeitão cheese is made with raw sheep's milk that is coagulated using a vegetable-based rennet made from the stamens of the thistle flowers. 
The thistle come from the Arrábida Natural Park, which is partly responsible for its distinctive aroma and herbaceous taste, a truly vegetarian cheese ripened for at least 20 days, produced by a few farmhouse daires in Azeitão.
The origins of Azeitão cheese can be traced to "Serra da Estrela" cheese, in fact there is a similar consistency and appearance, although Azeitão is smaller. However the flavours are somehow different, its taste is slightly spicy balanced by the sweetness of the sheep's milk and herbaceous notes, has a savory and vegetal flavour with a yellowish colour.
If you've never tried a cheese coagulated with thistle, you must try Azeitão.
Azeitão cheeses received DOP certification in 1993 and can be enjoyed either as an appetizer or as part of a dessert, as well as a perfect accompaniment to the full-bodied old wines from the Setúbal region for example.
Bronze Medal 2013 World Cheese.
Great Taste Awards 2014, Top 50 Foods - The "Oscars" of gastronomy.

PDO Soft Cheese from Azeitão more or less 250g

Milk curdle can be said to have been the first and most basic type of cheese, a result of the domestication of animals and establishment of herding dating back to the Neolithic period.
Cheesemaking – although not as old – goes back a very long way, and in Roman times was an integral part of soldiers and athletes diets for its nourishing and endurance-producing qualities.
Cheesemaking, the craft of making cheese can be said to be not only an occupation or commercial activity but also an art, one that has been evolving continuously over the ages. Azeitão cheese is a well succeed example of this combined elements, adding the will and tenacity of its mentor.
Azeitão Cheese was created around 1830, when Gaspar Henriques de Paiva, a migrant from the Beira region settled in Azeitão, located within the Arrábida/Setúbal region and began to miss the superb “Serra da Estrela” cheese (its land cheese). Thus, he placed some sheep from the “Bordaleira” breed into Azeitão region and called upon the services of a renowned cheesemaker from Beira in order to try and reproduce the original flavour and texture of Serra da Estrela's cheese. However, the Arrábida/Setúbal climate and pasture, as well as the type of thistle used in the coagulation of the milk are entirely different from the Beira ones, and this gave birth not just to a very distinct cheese from “Serra da Estrela” but also a particularly delicious one which soon got the recognition and awards it deserved in both Portugal and abroad.
Since Frederico Franco de Paiva, Gaspar’s son, followed in his father’s footsteps, he saw his cheese not only awarded with its 1st medal at the Portuguese Industrial Exhibition in 1888 but also built up a body of knowledge. Drew the 1st manuals on how to train both the herdsmen and cheesemakers of the region to produce the Azeitão cheese to the very standards that are still followed to this day providing the basis for it certification as a DOP cheese.




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